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Troon Golf has managed El Macero since 2007 as part of its Troon Privé private club operating division. Troon Privé includes the most elite private clubs from around the world and as a member, you are able to play at most Privé clubs for cart fee only! In addition, Troon offers the Troon Advantage program which allows El Macero members to play at Troon Golf daily fee and resport courses for exclusive discounted rates. The benefits you receive as a member of a Troon Privé club are immeasurable.

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El Macero Country Club

44571 Clubhouse Drive
El Macero CA 95618
(530) 753 - 3363
Posted On 9/6/2016
We all experience doubts about our abilities and chances for success…but concentrate on how to make the shot successful by focusing on the target or path of the ball. Execution is important but not as important as strategy.
Posted On 6/28/2016
There are plenty of reasons to love golf in Northern California. With giant redwoods lining the fairways, the best Alister Mackenzie course...