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Performance Keys


In Links Magazine, Doctor Paul Schempp of the University of Georgia says the key to improvement is in your head. We all experience doubts about our abilities and chances for success…but concentrate on how to make the shot successful by focusing on the target or path of the ball. Execution is important but not as important as strategy. Play to your strengths…not your ego. And while age can lead to decreases in strength, speed and flexibility, that can be mitigated by a regular fitness program. Just ask Gary Player! And age brings experience. So, if you can’t play stronger…play smarter! While the advantage will always go to the person who has played the longest or learned the earliest, anyone can increase their skills and fitness. And don’t necessarily believe the adage "the more you practice, the better you get." You may be just repeating bad habits. Improvement requires knowledgeable, deliberate and appropriate change…so find a PGA instructor that can identify what you need to fix and how to practice to make those changes permanent. 

That’s your golf to go, I’m Frank LaRosa.

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