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Getting Into Shape


by Frank LaRosa
Golf Digest recently published 42 Ways to Get Fit by Ron Kaspriske.
While we may feel like we’re fit…we can all get "fitter". Maybe you have a favorite pair of jeans that don’t fit any more…or maybe you just want to lower your blood pressure a bit. Here are a few of their suggestions. Walk…walk more rounds. Walk to work. Walk to the store. Walk the dog…but walk. Strengthen the most important muscles in the golf swing…your glutes. Even Tiger couldn’t fire his! Buy a foam roller and knead the muscles of your body three times a week…especially your hips. You can do this while you watch television. Eat more vegetables…potato chips and carrot cake don’t count! Stabilize the muscles of your core by raking leaves or sweeping floors...And eliminate soda…especially the ones with artificial sweeteners. Maybe you’ll be able to take a little bigger turn….Maybe you won’t get tired around the 15th hole. Either way, you’re going to be much happier with yourself.

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